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Cryin’ in your beer only waters it down.

Ever notice that sympathy, no matter how well-intentioned or lovingly delivered never does seem to make you feel better?  So it has been a bad day (week, month, year, decade).  While it may truly suck to be you right now, your pity party can last only until the tears start to water down the beer.  After that, all your party companions will go away.

The long and short of it is that people have their own problems, and that even people close to you are only perfunctorily interested in yours.  So we take our moments to vent, to boo-hoo, and then we seek the ways to move on or address the situation.

Bottom line?  You’re gonna feel the way you act, so act with purpose, joy, and fearlessness.  Could you be wrong?  Sure!  But you’ll be wrong in a way that says, “I can make it better.”  And you will, with purpose, joy, and fearlessness.


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